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Want to learn the secrets less than 5% of men know? Want women to get addicted to you? Want to be the guy women tell their girlfriends about so they’ll get envy?
It probably sounds like science fiction to you at the moment, if you were anything like me 10 years ago. You see, I was probably the biggest clueless around 10 years ago, but during these last 10 years I hang around some amazing guys learning from them all I can, and now, even when I tried I couldn’t complete being 2 nights alone…
Instead of telling you about myself though I’de much rather teach you how to become a master in bed so you can enjoy all the benefits yourself. All you have to do is practice, so let’s begin:

Making A Woman Happy In Bed – Why You Should Master Foreplay

The first and probably most important part of any intimate encounter with the opposite sex is foreplay! The biggest sex organ in the human body is the brain, even more so in women than in men. Foreplay, literally as well as physically, will help her THINK of how it will be to actually sleep with you, even before you’ll take your clothes off.
If you’ll manage to make her come several times before the actual sex, she will enjoy the sex much more, and believe me, if she’ll enjoy it more, so will you!
Foreplay is like the practice stage before you start level 1. If you’ll manage to read her body language and hotspots during the foreplay, then you’ll be able to use them later on during the actual sex.

Making A Women Happy In Bed – Literal Foreplay

Women are much better at visualizing then men. If I’ll tell a woman to think of me stroking her hair, it won’t just be an image of my hand stroking her hair, she will actually feel my hand stroking her. Now imagine what she’ll feel if I’ll tell her how much I want to lick her P#$%Y.
Use as much details as you can about tastes, sensations, texture and feelings and you’ll be amazed at how fast she’ll want to tear your clothes off!
After testing it a little you’ll be able to find several hot words that really turn her on. You can use these hot words almost everywhere and just see how horny she’ll get just by listening to you saying something like “god, I just want to get home and move my hand up your soft, tender thigh…” with a little “luck” she’ll get you inside the nearest toilet!

Making A Woman Happy In Bed – The Art Of Touching

Every woman is different, so I won’t tell you exactly where or how to touch her, but most women prefer soft touch to rough touch (at least during the foreplay part) and they usually prefer that we’ll touch places that are counter intuitive to us men.
For example: Breasts, are not such an attraction to women, at least not as they are an attraction to us men. Do feel free the feel them up, but don’t linger to much as they are not that thrilling to most women.
Stomach, thighs and neck for instance are much better. Don’t forget that you can touch with your lips and tongue as well as your fingers, but be creative, there are many more parts of you you can use to caress, pet and stroke with.

Making A Woman Happy In Bed – Advancing To More Intimate Areas.

Only continue to this part of the article if you’ve don’t at least 30 minutes of proper touching a kissing foreplay! You don’t want to get to this part too soon!
As I’ve said before, if you can get a woman to come a couple of times before the actual sex, everything else will be much better! Let’s start with trying to get her to come once. What you need to do is either use your finger, or preferably your tongue to stimulate her clitoris (if you don’t know where the clitoris is just look it up on Wikipedia (I’m serious!)) Try several directions until you’ll hear her sigh or moan, this is usually the international signal that you are doing something right. Keep on doing EXCATLY what you did unless she tells you otherwise and see what happens.
Get her to come several times and I guarantee you a night you’ll never forget!
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