How to make a woman happy in bed – Part 3

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How to make a woman happy in bed, introduction to positions:

Let’s review our latest insights in the process of understanding how to make a woman happy in bed. We’ve talked about the importance of a good and long foreplay, we’ve talked about women physiology and why it is worth learning and now we finally arrive at what most men consider as the highlight of the event: Penetration and sex. Knowing what you now know, try combining your new understanding of the female physiology with the sex positions you know and see if you stimulate at least one of the two sensitive spots with it. If you’ve managed to stimulate at least one spot, you are on good grounds, if you’ve managed to stimulate both you probably already know the reaction of women to these positions. I’ll pretend for the time being that you didn’t managed to think of a good position for these spots so I will give you some ideas to get you started, however, bear in mind that every girl is different and every woman will enjoy one position more than the others.

How to make a woman happy in bed, the missionary position:

I’ll assume you know the missionary positions so I won’t elaborate on it, I will however upgrade it for you so you’ll manage to stimulate the woman’s clitoris more easily. Try placing your hands beneath her ass and lift her gently. This will force her to spread her legs a little further apart which will allow you to rub her clitoris with your crouch as you thrust. Lifter her legs up will also give her the illusion you have a bigger cock than you really have. Just be careful with this position, as some girls find it a little painful.

How to make a woman happy in bed, doggy style:

Traditionally you can’t stimulate either point when doing the doggy style position; however, god has blessed you with two wonderful hands. Use them! Make sure your finger is wet and then use it to play with your girlfriend’s clitoris when you are in this position, you will be surprised as to how much she will start to like his position (you can do this in any position you have access to her clitoris of course).

How to make a woman happy in bed, the reverse woman on top position:

This is one of my favorite positions and you’ll soon understand why. In this position you lay on your back and the woman is sitting on top of you with her back turned to you. This way, if she’ll lie a little backwards she can stimulate her G spot using your pennies. In this position you can also stimulate her clitoris using your hands, as they are free and you have access. If you’re comfortable with it, she can lie completely flat on top of you, which will also make it easier for you to caress her body. This is a great position and women often find it easy to come in it.

How to make a woman happy in bed, conclusions:

In these three articles regarding the ultimate question of how to make a woman happy in bed I tried to summarize this vast subject into manageable pieces. You’ve learned how to use foreplay, how to find the two major pleasure points of women and what sex positions helps you stimulate these points. Just don’t forget the anything acceptable and pleasurable by both partners is legitimate and experiment with your partner to find out what is best for you two.

I hope you liked this report and I would love to hear what’s your take on it! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

If you happened to miss my first two reports, you can learn the very basics on How To Approach An Intimate Situation, or you can go to the second report which is dedicated to The Art Of Foreplay

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    i like the 3rd position the best! when i lie on top of him… that way his hands can go and do all kind of goooooood things :)

    thank you oren, i’ll keep the website for more info!

  3. Alon says:

    Great guide. I hope that a lot of guys will come and read it. Now I’m waiting for the other guide, a guide to all the women out there who want to please their men and don’t know how to do it… ;-)

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