How to make a woman happy in bed – part 2

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How to make a woman happy in bed, physiology:

In order to understand how to make a woman happy in bed, you have to understand a little bit of the female physiology. Now this is not a report in biology, however, this understanding will help you figuring out which sex positions will be more pleasurable for your partner. Let’s start with the clitoris.

How to make a woman happy in bed, the clitoris:

The clitoris can change in size and shape from woman to woman, however it will always be at the twelve o’clock of the vagina when you’re facing it forward. It will usually be a little hidden under the outer lips of the vagina and is one of the most sensitive areas in the female body. The easiest way to find it is to gently place your finger right at the vagina’s entrance and lift your finger upward until you’ll encounter a small lump under the connection of the two outer lips. At this point it is important to note that it is highly recommended to keep your fingers wet when you try this! If the area is not naturally wet (as should be right now if you’ve followed the first part of the foreplay correctly) use what god has given you and moist your fingers with spit, or alternatively you can use one of the many water based lubricant available in your nearest drugstore.

How to make a woman happy in bed, the elusive point:

Another highly valuable point in the female body is of course the G spot. The G spot is located on the upper wall of the vagina (towards the stomach) and about an inch to two inches inside the vagina. The simplest way to stroke it is to insert two fingers gently into the vagina and do a “come here” movement. The please produced from stimulating this point increases with time, so don’t be alarmed if at first it doesn’t seems she enjoys it, just keep on stroking her and the reactions will soon follows.

How to make a woman happy in bed, paying attention:

As you are doing all the things described above to the woman you’re with, always keep in mind that your goal was learning how to make a woman happy in bed, so keep your mind on the woman, and study her reactions. Try feeling when is she enjoying something you’re doing and when she isn’t, when are you stroking her in the right direction and when you’re not. Doing so will keep you in tune with the woman your with and will almost guarantee you understand how to make a woman happy in bed.

In the last part we’ll talk about sex positions which will help you understand how to make a woman happy in bed.

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